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Nomadis catering – Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are …

A new wedding catering concept is born. Here at Nomadis we understand the importance of an individually tailored approach to your catering needs. We believe catering is not just about feeding you and your guests. It is an opportunity to be creative, unique and offer you a range of outstanding food which reflects your tastes and your personality.

Led by Thomas Guérinet, who has an extensive experience in the catering industry, our Food development team is specialised in fulfilling your needs whilst creating excitement.

Name the theme, the type of event, we will create the mood you want. Relax as you watch the Nomadis Catering team take care of every detail of your unique event. With a team of passionate catering and events professionals, Nomadis brings together unparalleled creativity, the freshest of quality ingredients and flawless elegance.

Whilst our seasonal menu is always available, we love to have the opportunity to express our passion and create bespoke menus suited to your theme, your event, you work space environment, your clients and your budget.

Here at Nomadis, we believe that the key of a successful wedding reception is to listen carefully to your wants and dreams.

Then we employ our creativity according to your needs. Whether you wish to make a statement and place your wedding at the forefront of current trends or whether you prefer it to be a reflection of traditions, we will take pride in creating a moment in time that you and your guests will remember forever. Our catering can be as simple or as extravagant as your tastes and budget dictate.

As a fully licensed and insured catering company with an impeccable reputation, Nomadis catering has a well-established clientele. For more information about catering your unique event, please contact us.